Congratulations are in order!

i’ve been watching for the last few weeks as the Houston LAstros have tried to find a bottom.  i even went to Tuesday night’s massacre where we lost 11-2 to the Cards.  but after last night’s mauling, it is official:


so now the only question is, can we make a Top Ten All Time Worst Season or will it just be Top Twenty?

i want to personally thank Wal-mart McLane and Ed Wade for making such great moves these last few seasons: we couldn’t have achieved all this shittiness without decisions that gave us Cecil Cooper, Mike Hampton, and high overpriced talent like El Caballo, Anal-fissure Matsui, and Roid Ringer Tejada.

so congrats to the Houston LAstros – after 48 years trying to win the least number of games is commendable!

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