Houston, we have a problem…several in fact!

Richard Justice knows how to fix the Astros, just ask him.  no wait, don’t ask him, just read his blog.  check that, he’s so 21st century new media hip, just read his Tweets.

the reality is that Richard shares similarities with what is part of Houston’s problems with the Astros: he wants to act enlightened but says stuff like, “I want a bunch of young players that are thrilled to be in the big leagues. I want guys that play with passion even when they’re not playing well.”

really?  so you think that is one of the major issues with the Astros, that our boys are a bunch of lolligaggers?  the problem isn’t lack of effort – the problem is who our organization chose and how much they paid for those choices.

no problem, SportsJustice has that covered too: “We’ll sign free agents, but only cheaper free agents, maybe older free agents. Every move will be made with an eye on winning with our own kids.”

older free agents?  what, Mike Hampton ain’t old enough for you?  and every move with an eye on winning?  what, you think Ed Wade runs the place with an eye on losing?  is he coddling the guys?

i’ve mentioned it here before, but until the Astros start to run the organization using the newest tools that other smart teams use, we will always be “scrappy” underdogs…which is to say less talented also-rans.

i do fully agree with Justice that we need a Jed Hoyer-like admin in the front office, but do you really think Wal-mart McLane is going to pay for someone of that caliber?  Wal-mart likes to overpay for short-term gains.  wow, i just realized that Drayton sounds like he should work for Bear Stearns.

i’d like to end today’s missive with an aside: we’re currently 11-17 for .393.  think we could get that down around 25%?  gotta have goals, right?

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