second verse, same as the first

i’ve been mostly ignoring this site since Spring Training turned out to be the half-baked turd i expected; i figured there was no need for me to ring the bell for a change in ownership – you guys are going to figure that out eventually.

well, here we are into the 2009 season: i’ve attended one game, which happened to be the only one our boys have won.  that game was pretty pathetic, with our pitching being mediocre and our hitting atrocious.  it appears that is going to be the path for weeks to come.

so what about it Houston: is it time for the tombstone?

my position hasn’t changed: until the Astros get new ownership, we are doomed to be also-rans.  you can listen to the morons at the Houston Chronicle yammer about payroll and how happy we should be, but it is not enough to just spend the money – you gotta spend it right.  we are a long way off from intelligent spending.

enjoy the season, kids!

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