the Houston media almost gets it right….

Jose De Jesus Ortiz makes it appear that he related Tejada to Lugo and asked McLane a pointed question to that comparision:

Years after releasing shortstop Julio Lugo a day after he was accused of spousal abuse in a case in which Lugo ultimately was not convicted, McLane was asked if he had changed his stance on having criminals on his club.

but on his Houston Chronicle blog, De Jesus Ortiz then frames the question as such:

Here’s one of my questions: What do you tell fans who believed that you wanted your players to behave a certain way? How do you rationalize keeping a criminal essentially on your team?

if De Jesus Ortiz did in fact ask McLane about Tejada in relation to Lugo, then i salute him, for not only having the balls to make the proper comparision, but also the mental acuity to relate the two.  they are the exact same issue, which is: how does McLane defend treating one player as a pariah and another as a friend who deserves a hug?

McLane, ever the Southern Baptist, Baylor regent, probably doesn’t see a problem.  i am guessing Julio Lugo would think differently.

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