WWEWD (What Would Ed Wade Do?)?

step right up folks, read all about it: Ed Wade is going to show his vast baseball knowledge to us via explaining waivers.

my favorite part?

Wade has director of research and analysis Charlie Norton scouring the electronic waiver bulletin on a daily basis. If he sees a player who might help the Astros, the legwork begins.

wow – so part of his Charlie Norton’s job description is to log onto the MLB waiver board and check the postings?  guess that is what a BA in Psychology from Southern Illinois University gets you.

so the Astros are on the forefront of sabermetrics, right?

“We drill it into our pro scouts to pay attention to what they’re seeing in the field,” Wade said. “The process we follow primarily is when a bulletin arrives we check the names against our pro scouting reports and if it looks like one or more of our scouts has a definite interest in the player then we call the scout directly and ask him … what he thinks of the player.

oh well, that wouldn’t have been useful either.

go 2009 Astros!

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