Richard Justice demands his right to be the Supreme Idiot of Sports Writers

i try to not read Richard Justice: he’s a hack who creates strawmen and feigns sincerity in almost all of his posts.  he is the proof that the Old Media should be taken out back and shot.  post haste.

nonetheless, while surfing via Google News i clicked through a link about the Texan’s new DC that took me to quite possibly the dumbest post title in the entire Roger “The Liar” Clemens affair: Is Pettitte about to send Clemens to prison?

i have to assume that Richard writes his own post titles and doesn’t employ/allow an editor.  i am sure his ego wouldn’t let that happen, despite the overall positive it would have on his work.

so, without further ado, let me get to the point: NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LIAR’S IMPENDING JAIL TERM OTHER THAN THE LIAR!

got it, “Justice”?  no stitches_for_snitches, no no_one_likes_a_tattle_tail, etc etc etc.  just like the rest of the spoiled, rich, ignorant sports millionaire class, The Liar has only himself and his moron attorney to blame.

end of story.

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