Bud Selig (and Drayton McLane too!) does not care for Baseball People

there is some press coming out about Bud Selig and the decision to require the Astros to play games directly after Hurricane Ike.  I can only venture to guess that the baseball media and punditry is just now paying attention to the matter due to Selig’s full-page ad in the Houston Chronicle.  otherwise, shouldn’t this have hit the media round about September 15th?

anyway, lots of fans are lining up to take shots at Selig – and they should – but let’s not forget who else is implicitly to blame: our man, Wal-mart McLane.

does anyone besides me think that Wal-mart McLane could have stopped this abomination?  i highly doubt had McLane pitched a fit and planned to take his complaints to the fans, Selig would have held his ground.

but one billionaire to another, all those guys saw was a chance for the Cubbies and the Astros to play a game for Selig’s hometown.

just another instance of our teams ownership and leadership not doing what is necessary and correct for our team and fans.

Drayton, seriously, please, sell the fscking team and let someone else who really cares about the product have a chance.  go back to selling cheap Chinese fiberboard crap and sucking at the teat of corporate America.

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