is Cecil Cooper the new Morris Buttermaker?

thank god i didn’t pay for tonight’s tickets. i joked with my dad that he should send the stubs to Wal-mart McLane and ask for some satisfaction. we both had a hearty laugh at the folly of that.

in case anyone has missed it, those surging Astros, the ones who won finally got above .500 and were talked about by the local pundits as turning it around – those Astros finally faced a team that was not under .500: they lost Friday 11-2 and tonight 11-5.

to pour salt in the wound, for the first time ever, an Astros’ pitcher allowed two grand slams in one game. congrats to Backe, but even more to Cooper.

if you needed more proof that Cooper is a lost cause, then please take note. Backe gave up a grand slam in the first inning. then in the sixth inning, with his pitch count at 114 and bases loaded, Cooper pays a visit to the mound. AND LEAVES BACKE IN! result? second grand slam. one pitcher. same game. Astros record.

and yes, the bullpen had two pitchers up at the beginning of the inning. there is no excuse.

i am done with the Astros for this season. the management and coaching are a joke and devalue the skill and effort of the players who wear the uniform. any fool who continues to pay to see this team is rewarding an owner who cares very little about putting out a quality product.

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