Well, thanks for nothing!

Maggie: You’re here early.
Danny: I kind of slept here last night. I’m in big trouble.
Maggie: Yeah? Me too. I’m late!
Danny: Late for what?
Maggie: For not being pregnant! I don’t hold you responsible! It’s my problem. I can handle it.
Danny: I’m not going to let you go through this alone. Whatever you decide.
Maggie: I’m going to have it! I’ve already decided!
Danny: That’s it, then. We’ll just get married.
Maggie: Oh, God! That’s all I need!
Danny: No, I want to, all right?
Maggie: No, you don’t!
Danny: Yes, I do!
Maggie: Look, I don’t want to get married!
Danny: Come on, Maggie. You’re just saying that.
Maggie: No, I’m not! It might not be yours. Okay?
Danny: You’re making this up about the other guys…so I won’t feel guilty.
Maggie: I’m not making it up!
Danny: All right. Well, I’m still willing to marry you!
Maggie: Well, thanks for nothing!

yesterday was Father’s Day. capping off a sold out weekend, the Astros played a day game against the Evil Empire. packed house, many families, such as mine, made a special trip to take our dads to see a little slice of America’s favorite pastime. how were we rewarded?

Cecil Cooper, manager extraordinaire, decided to sit Lance Berkman, Kaz Matsui and Ty Wigginton for “rest”; rest on a day game when the team has Monday off and plays Tuesday night.

the result: Yankees 13, Astros 0. that’s zero, as in @^#(&!)*& no runs!

hey congrats Coop! you single-handedly managed to pull off the anti-marketing coup. let’s premium price the tickets for the series, schedule the game on a family centric holiday, and then we’ll sit one of the hottest players in the whole god damn league! not to even mention that he is the only guy carrying the team with his bat. Genius!

Drayton, you owe me a four ticket premium priced refund; last game i will attend this year.

read the site URL folks: hey Drayton, please sell the Astros so we can get an organization that GETS IT!

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