losing sucks

attended my first game of the season last night; the Astros promptly punished me by losing.  no comeback for me!

they’ve been running pretty well and are up over .500 (just barely.)  should be interesting to see what happens with the ten game road set that starts tonight in L.A.

in other news, i am sure we are all sick of hearing about Clemens.  only thing i have to add is that i found it funny to see people wearing his jersey last night.  i guess being a lying, cheating, philanderer is cause for some people to get his back.

next game up for me is prolly Father’s Day.  my brother, his wife and i are taking my pops to see the Yankees at Homeron.  when i bought the tickets i couldn’t help but notice that regular season tickets are variable-priced for Boston and New York.  that’s variable priced higher.  wonder why they don’t variable price games against teams that suck?

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