the Phillie Phanatic can blow me

for the fan, it can sometimes feel like being kicked in the balls. in fourteen games, the Astros have choked two in the ninth inning. for fairness, they have won one in the ninth.

the only bright spot: Chacon looked like a whole new pitcher; 8 innings, five strikeouts, only allowing four hits. wow.

along with Wandy, Chacon is certainly off to a great start. Oswalt imploded during his Marlin rotation and Valverde is on his way to becoming the new Brad Lidge. i guess it was too much to let Chacon have a complete game. what would he have thrown, 130 pitches?

is Cecil Cooper the new Jimy Williams?

it is my hope that we can at least win 2/3 for each of the upcoming games.

totals keep rising: LOB last night = 14! nice job, guys.

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