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Houston, we have a problem…several in fact!

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Richard Justice knows how to fix the Astros, just ask him.  no wait, don’t ask him, just read his blog.  check that, he’s so 21st century new media hip, just read his Tweets.

the reality is that Richard shares similarities with what is part of Houston’s problems with the Astros: he wants to act enlightened but says stuff like, “I want a bunch of young players that are thrilled to be in the big leagues. I want guys that play with passion even when they’re not playing well.”

really?  so you think that is one of the major issues with the Astros, that our boys are a bunch of lolligaggers?  the problem isn’t lack of effort – the problem is who our organization chose and how much they paid for those choices.

no problem, SportsJustice has that covered too: “We’ll sign free agents, but only cheaper free agents, maybe older free agents. Every move will be made with an eye on winning with our own kids.”

older free agents?  what, Mike Hampton ain’t old enough for you?  and every move with an eye on winning?  what, you think Ed Wade runs the place with an eye on losing?  is he coddling the guys?

i’ve mentioned it here before, but until the Astros start to run the organization using the newest tools that other smart teams use, we will always be “scrappy” underdogs…which is to say less talented also-rans.

i do fully agree with Justice that we need a Jed Hoyer-like admin in the front office, but do you really think Wal-mart McLane is going to pay for someone of that caliber?  Wal-mart likes to overpay for short-term gains.  wow, i just realized that Drayton sounds like he should work for Bear Stearns.

i’d like to end today’s missive with an aside: we’re currently 11-17 for .393.  think we could get that down around 25%?  gotta have goals, right?

second verse, same as the first

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

i’ve been mostly ignoring this site since Spring Training turned out to be the half-baked turd i expected; i figured there was no need for me to ring the bell for a change in ownership – you guys are going to figure that out eventually.

well, here we are into the 2009 season: i’ve attended one game, which happened to be the only one our boys have won.  that game was pretty pathetic, with our pitching being mediocre and our hitting atrocious.  it appears that is going to be the path for weeks to come.

so what about it Houston: is it time for the tombstone?

my position hasn’t changed: until the Astros get new ownership, we are doomed to be also-rans.  you can listen to the morons at the Houston Chronicle yammer about payroll and how happy we should be, but it is not enough to just spend the money – you gotta spend it right.  we are a long way off from intelligent spending.

enjoy the season, kids!

the Houston media almost gets it right….

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Jose De Jesus Ortiz makes it appear that he related Tejada to Lugo and asked McLane a pointed question to that comparision:

Years after releasing shortstop Julio Lugo a day after he was accused of spousal abuse in a case in which Lugo ultimately was not convicted, McLane was asked if he had changed his stance on having criminals on his club.

but on his Houston Chronicle blog, De Jesus Ortiz then frames the question as such:

Here’s one of my questions: What do you tell fans who believed that you wanted your players to behave a certain way? How do you rationalize keeping a criminal essentially on your team?

if De Jesus Ortiz did in fact ask McLane about Tejada in relation to Lugo, then i salute him, for not only having the balls to make the proper comparision, but also the mental acuity to relate the two.  they are the exact same issue, which is: how does McLane defend treating one player as a pariah and another as a friend who deserves a hug?

McLane, ever the Southern Baptist, Baylor regent, probably doesn’t see a problem.  i am guessing Julio Lugo would think differently.

gonna be a great year for baseball and the Astros!

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

A-Rod: ‘I did take a banned substance’

Tejada charged with lying to Congress about steroids

gooooooooooooo MLB & LAstros!

WWEWD (What Would Ed Wade Do?)?

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

step right up folks, read all about it: Ed Wade is going to show his vast baseball knowledge to us via explaining waivers.

my favorite part?

Wade has director of research and analysis Charlie Norton scouring the electronic waiver bulletin on a daily basis. If he sees a player who might help the Astros, the legwork begins.

wow – so part of his Charlie Norton’s job description is to log onto the MLB waiver board and check the postings?  guess that is what a BA in Psychology from Southern Illinois University gets you.

so the Astros are on the forefront of sabermetrics, right?

“We drill it into our pro scouts to pay attention to what they’re seeing in the field,” Wade said. “The process we follow primarily is when a bulletin arrives we check the names against our pro scouting reports and if it looks like one or more of our scouts has a definite interest in the player then we call the scout directly and ask him … what he thinks of the player.

oh well, that wouldn’t have been useful either.

go 2009 Astros!

Richard Justice demands his right to be the Supreme Idiot of Sports Writers

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

i try to not read Richard Justice: he’s a hack who creates strawmen and feigns sincerity in almost all of his posts.  he is the proof that the Old Media should be taken out back and shot.  post haste.

nonetheless, while surfing via Google News i clicked through a link about the Texan’s new DC that took me to quite possibly the dumbest post title in the entire Roger “The Liar” Clemens affair: Is Pettitte about to send Clemens to prison?

i have to assume that Richard writes his own post titles and doesn’t employ/allow an editor.  i am sure his ego wouldn’t let that happen, despite the overall positive it would have on his work.

so, without further ado, let me get to the point: NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LIAR’S IMPENDING JAIL TERM OTHER THAN THE LIAR!

got it, “Justice”?  no stitches_for_snitches, no no_one_likes_a_tattle_tail, etc etc etc.  just like the rest of the spoiled, rich, ignorant sports millionaire class, The Liar has only himself and his moron attorney to blame.

end of story.

Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot

Monday, January 12th, 2009

since the only real news concerning the Astros for 2009 is how deluded Ed Wade is about his off-season work, we’ll have to focus on other matters, like:

Rusty Hardin is the worst defense attorney you could have ever hired, Roger “The Liar” Clemens.  congrats!

looking forward to you actually doing a little time, Rog.  maybe prior to going inside you can ask Marion how her stint is going?

shaping up for a great season….

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

doesn’t take a trip to Delphi to forecast with precision that 2009 is gonna suck hard for major sports.  NPR’s Planet Money gives us some highlights.

while the Astros are not explicitly mentioned, let’s look at some key facts:

1) oil is no longer $140 barrel

2) Houston’s economy is driven mostly by the energy sector, re: oil

3) the national economy is in the shitter, unemployment is going up, people are worried

4) Wal-mart McLain is spending the best way he knows how: by locking up aging veterans that no one in their right mind would want/pick/choose

you heard it here first – gonna be a great season!