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we’ve been here before….

Friday, April 4th, 2008

LOB = 6

record = 1-3

thank god it’s Chicago up next?!?

second verse, same as the first!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

i’ll just keep posting these under the category of “losses” and we’ll see how many we have by the All-Star Break.

again last night our boys got bamboozled – but – they did it in a fashion i am accustomed to, with an LOB of 20.  jebus – 20!  in comparision, the Padres won (barely) and had an LOB of 12…that’s 40% more LOB in every bite for us Astros fans.  awesome.

while on the topic, let’s make sure we understand LOB and, at least to me, why it is such a ass-reaming stat.  Brian Flaspohler at sums it up nicely, so click over and come back.

OK, so i am counting individual LOB and them adding them all up for a total; as such, last night’s game breaks down like so:

  • H. Pence: 4
  • L. Berkman: 3
  • C. Lee: 2
  • M. Tejada: 1
  • M. Loretta: 4
  • J. Towles: 3
  • B. Backe: 3

so that’s 20.  using the definition, take a peek at the 6th inning:

M Tejada singled to right.
T Wigginton singled to left, M Tejada to second.
M Loretta bunt popped out foul to catcher.
J Towles flied out to left.
J Cruz Jr hit for B Backe.
J Cruz Jr walked, M Tejada to third, T Wigginton to second.
J Thatcher relieved C Young.
M Bourn walked, M Tejada scored, T Wigginton to third, J Cruz Jr to second.
H Pence grounded out to third.

when Loretta fucks up and pops up his bunt, he racks up an LOB of two.  then when Towles files out, he racks up the same LOB of two, for the same two runners on base!  this is why i think LOB is such a horrible problem – our guys missed the opportunity TWICE to score the same guys.  it’s like pouring salt in an open wound.

again, i haven’t crunched any numbers or taken a peek at other teams (or even emailed Bill James and his crew of sabermatricians) but i am going to guess that teams that make it to the playoffs at least have the skills to not miss an opportunity twice!

the wait is over; Oswalt goes down fighting

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

one stat that i always talk about with my Dad is LOB – left on base.  for years it has seemed that the Astros’ LOB is enormous and without checking, i have always assumed that it is in the top five for all MLB teams in that respective season.  that said, i still haven’t checked, but i am going to try and start following it as a stat.  so without further ado:

Astros vs. Padres 03/31/08

Astros 0, Padres 4

LOB Astros: 13

LOB Padres 21

kinda sinks my theory on game one, huh?  but Oswalt did give up 11 hits, so go figure that The Fathers would have a higher LOB.