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Houston, we have a problem…several in fact!

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Richard Justice knows how to fix the Astros, just ask him.  no wait, don’t ask him, just read his blog.  check that, he’s so 21st century new media hip, just read his Tweets.

the reality is that Richard shares similarities with what is part of Houston’s problems with the Astros: he wants to act enlightened but says stuff like, “I want a bunch of young players that are thrilled to be in the big leagues. I want guys that play with passion even when they’re not playing well.”

really?  so you think that is one of the major issues with the Astros, that our boys are a bunch of lolligaggers?  the problem isn’t lack of effort – the problem is who our organization chose and how much they paid for those choices.

no problem, SportsJustice has that covered too: “We’ll sign free agents, but only cheaper free agents, maybe older free agents. Every move will be made with an eye on winning with our own kids.”

older free agents?  what, Mike Hampton ain’t old enough for you?  and every move with an eye on winning?  what, you think Ed Wade runs the place with an eye on losing?  is he coddling the guys?

i’ve mentioned it here before, but until the Astros start to run the organization using the newest tools that other smart teams use, we will always be “scrappy” underdogs…which is to say less talented also-rans.

i do fully agree with Justice that we need a Jed Hoyer-like admin in the front office, but do you really think Wal-mart McLane is going to pay for someone of that caliber?  Wal-mart likes to overpay for short-term gains.  wow, i just realized that Drayton sounds like he should work for Bear Stearns.

i’d like to end today’s missive with an aside: we’re currently 11-17 for .393.  think we could get that down around 25%?  gotta have goals, right?

second verse, same as the first

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

i’ve been mostly ignoring this site since Spring Training turned out to be the half-baked turd i expected; i figured there was no need for me to ring the bell for a change in ownership – you guys are going to figure that out eventually.

well, here we are into the 2009 season: i’ve attended one game, which happened to be the only one our boys have won.  that game was pretty pathetic, with our pitching being mediocre and our hitting atrocious.  it appears that is going to be the path for weeks to come.

so what about it Houston: is it time for the tombstone?

my position hasn’t changed: until the Astros get new ownership, we are doomed to be also-rans.  you can listen to the morons at the Houston Chronicle yammer about payroll and how happy we should be, but it is not enough to just spend the money – you gotta spend it right.  we are a long way off from intelligent spending.

enjoy the season, kids!

Bud Selig (and Drayton McLane too!) does not care for Baseball People

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

there is some press coming out about Bud Selig and the decision to require the Astros to play games directly after Hurricane Ike.  I can only venture to guess that the baseball media and punditry is just now paying attention to the matter due to Selig’s full-page ad in the Houston Chronicle.  otherwise, shouldn’t this have hit the media round about September 15th?

anyway, lots of fans are lining up to take shots at Selig – and they should – but let’s not forget who else is implicitly to blame: our man, Wal-mart McLane.

does anyone besides me think that Wal-mart McLane could have stopped this abomination?  i highly doubt had McLane pitched a fit and planned to take his complaints to the fans, Selig would have held his ground.

but one billionaire to another, all those guys saw was a chance for the Cubbies and the Astros to play a game for Selig’s hometown.

just another instance of our teams ownership and leadership not doing what is necessary and correct for our team and fans.

Drayton, seriously, please, sell the fscking team and let someone else who really cares about the product have a chance.  go back to selling cheap Chinese fiberboard crap and sucking at the teat of corporate America.

is Cecil Cooper the new Morris Buttermaker?

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

thank god i didn’t pay for tonight’s tickets. i joked with my dad that he should send the stubs to Wal-mart McLane and ask for some satisfaction. we both had a hearty laugh at the folly of that.

in case anyone has missed it, those surging Astros, the ones who won finally got above .500 and were talked about by the local pundits as turning it around – those Astros finally faced a team that was not under .500: they lost Friday 11-2 and tonight 11-5.

to pour salt in the wound, for the first time ever, an Astros’ pitcher allowed two grand slams in one game. congrats to Backe, but even more to Cooper.

if you needed more proof that Cooper is a lost cause, then please take note. Backe gave up a grand slam in the first inning. then in the sixth inning, with his pitch count at 114 and bases loaded, Cooper pays a visit to the mound. AND LEAVES BACKE IN! result? second grand slam. one pitcher. same game. Astros record.

and yes, the bullpen had two pitchers up at the beginning of the inning. there is no excuse.

i am done with the Astros for this season. the management and coaching are a joke and devalue the skill and effort of the players who wear the uniform. any fool who continues to pay to see this team is rewarding an owner who cares very little about putting out a quality product.

Junction Jack is on suicide watch

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

the ESPN Baseball Tonight Clubhouse has taken notice of our plight.

Astros’ nine-game road trip…
W-L: 2-7
BA: .227
Runs per game: 2.3
ERA: 4.01

…followed by nine-game homestand
W-L: 2-7
BA: .286
Runs per game: 4.1
ERA: 4.78

thanks for the stats, boys!

it was a lot of fun in May when we were playing over our heads. couple this with June’s heat and lack of rain and spirits are not too high in ol’ H-town.

at least we are not as big a laughing stock as the Mets…nice management you guys got there.

Well, thanks for nothing!

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Maggie: You’re here early.
Danny: I kind of slept here last night. I’m in big trouble.
Maggie: Yeah? Me too. I’m late!
Danny: Late for what?
Maggie: For not being pregnant! I don’t hold you responsible! It’s my problem. I can handle it.
Danny: I’m not going to let you go through this alone. Whatever you decide.
Maggie: I’m going to have it! I’ve already decided!
Danny: That’s it, then. We’ll just get married.
Maggie: Oh, God! That’s all I need!
Danny: No, I want to, all right?
Maggie: No, you don’t!
Danny: Yes, I do!
Maggie: Look, I don’t want to get married!
Danny: Come on, Maggie. You’re just saying that.
Maggie: No, I’m not! It might not be yours. Okay?
Danny: You’re making this up about the other guys…so I won’t feel guilty.
Maggie: I’m not making it up!
Danny: All right. Well, I’m still willing to marry you!
Maggie: Well, thanks for nothing!

yesterday was Father’s Day. capping off a sold out weekend, the Astros played a day game against the Evil Empire. packed house, many families, such as mine, made a special trip to take our dads to see a little slice of America’s favorite pastime. how were we rewarded?

Cecil Cooper, manager extraordinaire, decided to sit Lance Berkman, Kaz Matsui and Ty Wigginton for “rest”; rest on a day game when the team has Monday off and plays Tuesday night.

the result: Yankees 13, Astros 0. that’s zero, as in @^#(&!)*& no runs!

hey congrats Coop! you single-handedly managed to pull off the anti-marketing coup. let’s premium price the tickets for the series, schedule the game on a family centric holiday, and then we’ll sit one of the hottest players in the whole god damn league! not to even mention that he is the only guy carrying the team with his bat. Genius!

Drayton, you owe me a four ticket premium priced refund; last game i will attend this year.

read the site URL folks: hey Drayton, please sell the Astros so we can get an organization that GETS IT!

losing sucks

Friday, May 9th, 2008

attended my first game of the season last night; the Astros promptly punished me by losing.  no comeback for me!

they’ve been running pretty well and are up over .500 (just barely.)  should be interesting to see what happens with the ten game road set that starts tonight in L.A.

in other news, i am sure we are all sick of hearing about Clemens.  only thing i have to add is that i found it funny to see people wearing his jersey last night.  i guess being a lying, cheating, philanderer is cause for some people to get his back.

next game up for me is prolly Father’s Day.  my brother, his wife and i are taking my pops to see the Yankees at Homeron.  when i bought the tickets i couldn’t help but notice that regular season tickets are variable-priced for Boston and New York.  that’s variable priced higher.  wonder why they don’t variable price games against teams that suck?

the Phillie Phanatic can blow me

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

for the fan, it can sometimes feel like being kicked in the balls. in fourteen games, the Astros have choked two in the ninth inning. for fairness, they have won one in the ninth.

the only bright spot: Chacon looked like a whole new pitcher; 8 innings, five strikeouts, only allowing four hits. wow.

along with Wandy, Chacon is certainly off to a great start. Oswalt imploded during his Marlin rotation and Valverde is on his way to becoming the new Brad Lidge. i guess it was too much to let Chacon have a complete game. what would he have thrown, 130 pitches?

is Cecil Cooper the new Jimy Williams?

it is my hope that we can at least win 2/3 for each of the upcoming games.

totals keep rising: LOB last night = 14! nice job, guys.

Thursdays are for rest – bring on the Fish!

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

back to back losses and we do not make my 2 out of 3 with the Cards.

thank god we have a day off at home and then the Marlins in town.  our boys need some wins to re-adjust their mental frame of reference.

LOBs have slowed, which is good, but hasn’t stemmed the losses.  it has helped keep the games close.

Tues LOB = 10

Wed LOB =  6

also helps that we played in our own bandbox.  already this season seems like a long grind.  guess if i was Detroit it would feel real long….

bring it home, baby!

Monday, April 7th, 2008

pretty shitty road trip for our boys; we’re off to a 2-5 start…nothing like digging yourself an early hole. let’s have some weekend numbers:

Sat LOB = 12

Sun LOB = 0 (holy shit, zero?!?)

Saturday’s score was 7-9, but we had 12 LOB and Chicago had 2. do the math.

Sunday was a squeeker at 2-3, which would explain our LOB of naught – gotta be a record!

the good news is we come home today…the bad news is the 4-2 Cards come calling first. but we all know PooHoles sucks, right?